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Learn how our team developed a custom CRM software, transforming client engagement and streamlining customer management for a UK-based client.


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Client Background

Our client, based in Manchester, UK, is a growing financial services company known for its customer-centric approach. They faced challenges in managing customer interactions and needed a more robust system to enhance their client relationship management, streamline processes, and support their expanding customer base.

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient Customer Management The existing CRM system was outdated and unable to keep up with the increasing volume of customer interactions, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.
  • Fragmented Customer Data The client struggled with disparate customer data scattered across multiple systems, making it difficult to gain a holistic view of customer relationships.
  • Limited Automation Lack of automation in routine tasks like follow-ups, reporting, and customer segmentation was causing delays and inconsistencies in service delivery.
  • Inadequate Customer Insights The existing system provided limited analytics and reporting capabilities, hampering the client’s ability to understand customer behavior and tailor services effectively.

business challenges faced while developing custom CRM solution

Task at Hand

Our mission was to develop a sophisticated custom CRM software tailored to the client's needs. The solution had to integrate all customer-related processes into a single, cohesive platform. We aimed to enhance the management of customer interactions, centralize data for better insights, and automate key processes. The new system needed to provide comprehensive analytics, enable seamless communication, and be scalable to accommodate the client's growth.

custom crm solution
custom crm solution goals

Project Goals

  • Centralize Customer Data Consolidate customer information into a unified platform.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement Develop tools to improve interaction tracking, follow-ups, and personalized communication.
  • Automate Key Processes Implement automation for routine tasks such as customer segmentation, follow-ups, and reporting.
  • Provide Advanced Analytics Integrate robust analytics and reporting features to deliver actionable insights.

Solutions Provided

To address the client’s challenges and meet their project goals, we developed a custom CRM software solution. This system integrated essential CRM functions into a centralized platform, automated key processes, and provided advanced analytics, enabling the client to streamline customer management, improve engagement, and support future growth effectively.

  • Comprehensive CRM Platform Developed a custom CRM software that integrated all customer management functions, from lead tracking and sales automation to customer support and relationship management.
  • Centralized Customer Database Consolidated all customer data into a single, centralized database, providing a 360-degree view of each customer’s interactions, history, and preferences.
  • Automation Features Implemented automation for follow-ups, customer segmentation, and reporting, reducing manual efforts and ensuring timely and accurate customer engagement.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting Integrated powerful analytics tools to provide insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and service performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Personalized Communication Tools Developed features for personalized communication, including automated email campaigns, customized follow-ups, and targeted messaging based on customer segmentation.
  • Seamless Integration Ensured the CRM seamlessly integrated with the client's existing systems such as email, calendar, and marketing tools, enhancing the overall workflow.
  • Scalable Architecture Designed the CRM with a scalable architecture to support the client's growing customer base and expanding business needs.
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Technologies Used

To build the custom CRM software, we employed cutting-edge technologies. ASP.NET Core provided a secure backend, while React enabled a dynamic user interface. Azure ensured scalable cloud infrastructure, Docker facilitated seamless deployment, and PostgreSQL offered robust data management. ElasticSearch enhanced search capabilities, and GraphQL optimized data queries, creating a powerful and efficient CRM solution.

  • ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core provided a powerful and flexible framework for building the CRM's backend. Its modular architecture and high performance ensured a scalable and reliable solution capable of handling complex business logic and data processing.
  • React

    React powered the dynamic and responsive front end, enabling the development of an intuitive user interface. Its component-based architecture allowed for the creation of reusable UI elements, enhancing user experience and ensuring a consistent look and feel across the application.
  • Azure

    Azure Cloud Services supported the infrastructure with scalable cloud computing capabilities, offering reliable data storage, processing power, and advanced security features. This ensured the CRM could handle increasing user demands and data loads effectively.
  • Docker

    Docker facilitated the containerization of the CRM application, ensuring consistent deployment across various environments. This improved scalability, simplified the development process, and enhanced the application's portability and management.
  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL was used for the database, providing robust data management and efficient handling of complex queries. Its powerful indexing and querying capabilities ensured quick data retrieval and efficient transaction processing.
  • ElasticSearch

    ElasticSearch enabled advanced search functionality, allowing users to perform fast and accurate searches across customer data, including filtering, sorting, and full-text search capabilities.
  • GraphQL

    GraphQL was implemented to optimize data querying, enabling efficient retrieval of specific data and reducing the overhead of traditional REST APIs. This improved the performance and flexibility of data access within the CRM.

End Results

The custom CRM software delivered transformative results for the client, significantly enhancing their customer engagement and streamlining their operations. By centralizing data, automating processes, and providing actionable insights, the CRM solution empowered the client to achieve greater efficiency, improved customer interactions, and scalable growth.

  • Improved Customer Engagement

    Enhanced customer interaction tracking and automated follow-ups resulted in a 25% increase in customer retention and engagement rates.

  • Centralized Data Management

    The unified customer database provided a complete view of each customer, improving data accessibility and reducing data fragmentation by 50%.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Automation of routine tasks and streamlined workflows led to a 35% reduction in manual effort and faster service delivery.

  • Actionable Insights

    Advanced analytics provided valuable insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and service performance, leading to more informed decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.

  • Increased Sales Efficiency

    Personalized communication tools and automation boosted sales efficiency by 20%, enabling more effective lead nurturing and conversion.

  • Enhanced Scalability

    The scalable architecture accommodated the client’s growing customer base, supporting future expansion without compromising performance.

  • Improved Security

    Robust security measures ensured the protection of sensitive customer data, enhancing compliance with data protection regulations and building customer trust.

WireFuture’s custom CRM software has revolutionized our customer management processes. The system's automation and centralization features have significantly improved our efficiency and engagement with clients. We are impressed with the results and the seamless experience WireFuture provided.

Jamie Brooks Head of Operations at Manchester Finance Group
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